About Us

CarbPure Technologies’ core business is providing high-quality activated carbon products ideally suited for the municipal water purification market. CarbPure has established key relationships with top accounts in this industry, anchored on our collaborative approach and world class supply chain. Our entire team is committed to our contribution and partnerships with our customers in creating safe, clean water across North America.


CarbPure Technologies was formed in 2015, and is an affiliate of ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC (ADA-CS). ADA-CS has been domestically manufacturing and selling activated carbon to the electric power generation and drinking water industries since 2010 and is considered a leader in the activated carbon industry. Since our founding we have successfully worked with 90+ municipal drinking water operations to help meet their purification needs. In the fourth quarter of 2018, ADA-CS was acquired by Advanced Emission Solutions, Inc.  (NASDAQ: ADES) and CarbPure became part of the Advanced Emission Solutions, Inc. group of companies.


CarbPure Technologies was formed to deploy world class technology to engineer and develop activated carbon products to purify and provide clean drinking water throughout North America. Our mission is to ensure our products allow for the treatment and purification of millions of gallons of clean drinking water across North America each and every day.

Engineered for Purification

CarbPure Technologies is dedicated to providing a high-quality products designed for optimal performance in a wide variety of purification applications. We actively seek product development and subject our products to sample collecting throughout the manufacturing process and testing in our on-site labs. CarbPure works collaboratively with multiple industry experts from universities, municipalities and consultants to constantly improve our process and products.

In-house Lab Capabilities

Our in-house Research & Development team and laboratory continuously invests in new instrumentation to assist with product development. We use specialized equipment to ensure all products meet ASTM standards. Our technical experts can be on hand if any unforeseen influent water episodes arise that require collaborative research, and/or analysis for development of an appropriate solution.

Vertically Integrated

CarbPure’s products are domestically manufactured from a variety of feedstocks at our affiliate, ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC, state-of-the art plant in Coushatta, Louisiana. CarbPure also has an affiliated secondary redundant plant located in Natchitoches, LA which is located just 20 miles from the plant. This vertically integrated supply chain provides our customers a reliable and consistent product supply.

World Class Supply Chain

CarbPure Technologies is backed by a World Class Supply Chain. Our affiliates and industry partnerships allow us to provide a secure and reliable delivery of high-quality products to our customers. Our affiliate ADA-CS maintains long term contracts with their third-party carriers to enable CarbPure to stay flexible and resilient in challenging logistics and delivery environment. Our products are delivered by a dedicated pneumatic trucking fleet in excess of 95 bulk trailers and over 150 railcars.